Double Agent

The Double Agent Profile Pack from Tone Junkie captures of the sound of a "Dual" channel amp featuring tones from both sides of the pond. The AC side has several profile sets, (N) Normal, (B) Bright, (TB1) Top Boost 1, and (TB2) Top Boost 2. The American side of the amp features classic California cleans. Mix them together and you get the dual amp tones that are sure to become a new Tone Junkie Favorite.

"Super" Pack

The Tone Junkie “Super” Kemper Profile Pack seeks to capture the other “American” amp sound. We’ve captured 55 profiles across 4 profile sets including the “Super 1600”, “Super Comet”, “Super Thunder” and “Super States” (Comet + Thunder). These profiles are categorized by their “American” tonal quality but with a heftier low end, an “on the edge” quality, and tons of note bloom!

The Empire Kemper Profile Pack sounds like the best deluxe reverb you’ve ever heard, mixed with the punchiness of a AC30, and a high end that sounds like bells! These 27 profiles give amp like cleans that gradually move into break up giving you all the shades in between. One of our favorite packs ever!

The ACE15 Kemper Profile Pack captures the sound of the iconic hardwired 15 watt amp we all love. We’ve extensively captured all the tones in this amp across 44 profiles. We’ve profiled it on all channels, Normal, Normal w/ Bright switch, Bright channel, Jumpered the channels, profiled it all thru greenbacks and then again thru blues!

Spanky Chimey

The Spanky Chimey Kemper Profile Pack form Tone Junkie seeks to capture the sound of some “Extra Spanky” and “Extra Chimey” amps. The “Spanky” profiles are reminiscent of a blackface Princeton with an upgraded power section with deep bass and snappy American highs that stay together when pushed. The “Chimey” profile set captures the often used EF86 with EL84s combination. This amp has ...

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The British 74x Kemper Profile Pack from Tone Junkie seeks to capture the classic sound of the classic Marsh*** 18 watt combo. Commonly known as the “Bluesbreaker”, it may best be described as a little brother to the JTM45, but with an EL84 power section. We’ve captured 32 profiles from the “B” bright/trem channel, “N” Normal channel, and “J” Jumpered both channels together. It's English cleans and the classic 

The Tone Junkie DZ Kemper Profile Pack seeks to capture the sound of 3 amps from “Medical Professional” Z! ;) We all love the official pack from the good people over at the “Doctor’s office” but these are Tone Junkies take on some of our favorites. The Tone Junkie DZ pack contains 40 beautifully captured profiles and 3 profile sets including, the “DZ M18”, “DZ Carmen G” and the “DZ Road 66”. 

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The Twinery Verb Kemper Profile Pack from Tone Junkie faithfully captures the tones of the iconic 100W 2x12 American clean machine from about 1 million popular recordings. These are the Flagship sounds that put that little shop in Fullerton, Ca on the map as an amp maker back in the 60's and it's part of the Tone Junkie Free Pack!

The Super Dark Magik pack is 21 profiles of this amazing little circuit. Channel one is bright and percussive. Channel 2 is full and deep. Jumping these two channels together is where the magic happens. The phase interior is slammed by both channels breaking in the fashion of an old british plexiglass amp but with a more american voice. This is a really unique profile set with everything from chimer top end, to darker breakup to vintage old school crunch with tons of mojo. This is a special one!

Combining both American and British flavors, the 3P Dream Spinner captures a modern boutique take on the Bassman and Plexi circuits. Channel 1 features two modes of Bassman tones, Blonde and Tweed. Channel 2 offers a low gain Plexi mode along with a Hot Modded Plexi mode. The 3P Dream Spinner Pack also jumpers the Blonde and Plexi channel for even more variation in this 27 profile pack of beautifully captured profiles.

M Pack

The M Pack from Tone Junkie contains profiles of 4 amps and 5 different amp/speaker combinations. The "AC20" profile set features the 2 EL84 amp paired with Greenbacks while the "AC20X" profile set features the same amps paired with Blues. The "RCA" profile sets and "PR12" profile 12 cover the more "American" tone, and the "MV45" covers some early "Marsh***" ground. The M Pack consists of 70 beautifully captured profiles.

The JTM45 Kemper Profile Pack captures the sound of this KT66 classic. This profile pack features 41 profiles in 4 profile sets capturing every sound hidden within this classic design. Profiles marked "N" feature the Normal channel and an EQ designed to deliver plenty of girth and British style midrange for brighter sounding guitars. "T" profiles feature High Treble channel of the amp, with the EQ dialed in for more high end clarity and upper mids. Profiles marked "J" feature both these channels...
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The Card Scrambler captures the sound of the zero feedback, Class A, 6L6, boutique favorite. This amp is a boutique take on the classic "deluxe tone" delivering rich 3d swirling clean tones with top end clarity but switched to Class A and features a Pentode, marked as "P" in the profile set and Triode, marked as "T" in the profile set running at 28 watts and 14 watts respectively. This Profile Pack features 21 beautifully captured profiles.

Everything Pack

The Entire Tone Junkie Kemper Profile Collection available for one low price. The Everything Pack includes every single pack you for sale on the Tone Junkie site. 850+ profiles that cover American Blackface and Tweed cleans, British Top Boost, Normal EF86 style chime, Plexiglass grind and tons of boutique edge of break up tones.

The Saving in this Pack are incredible, you are saving well over 50% by bundling all these packs together!

Match Club

The Match Club captures the sound of a particular single EF86, two 12ax7  EL34 powered amp we all love! If you loved the Match Chief you are going to like this one, a lot! This pack features 3 speaker accompaniments courtesy of the mismatched cabinet with two separate speakers. Profiles marked "H" feature the H30 speaker, profiles marked "M" feature the M25 greenback and profiles marked "HM" use both speakers mixed together.

Too Stone CRS

The Too Stone CRS is an ideal pedal platform. Think Steel String Singer meets a Super Reverb. The Too Stone CRS Kemper Profile Pack features 27 profiles from high headroom cleans that can produce 3d swirling cleans with glassy highs and deep lows to overdriven blues and roots music. Profiles labeled "B" feature the engaged bright switch. "M" is for the D style Midrange switch, "BM" is for both and the CRS features a "FET" switch and gain control to add an additional...

This is where Match meets Marshall! Boasting an EL34 power section this amp combines the British punch of the power section with the refined and expensive sounding circuitry of a Match amp. You will notice a very musical and powerful midrange that increases as the profiles become dirtier. This is the King of the Match amps and this Pack containing 21 beautifully captured profiles has already become a Tone Junkie favorite. We released some really great stuff in the past, but this one is special. We've captured 3 profile sets with 3 different speaker accompaniments. H is for the H-30 speaker. M is for the M25 Greenback. HM is a blend of both. Enjoy!

The Fullerton Pro Sound Pack captures the sound of a unique little amp out of the F***** Custom Shop. It's 2x10 configuration, Vintage 10 Celestion speakers and optional class A power section made this a very unique amp to come out of Fullerton.  The fist set of 6 profiles captures Channel 1 in Class A.  The second set capture Channel 2 and it's cascading gain stages. This amp appears to have been an attempt to compete with boogie and their more hot rodded modern American sound. These profiles record beautifully and that is why the Pro Sound amp has been a studio favorite for years.

It's Free!!!

The GoldTone 42 Pack captures the tone of the modern GA series from that G brand. The US side of the amp feels like a classic american voiced tube amp with some subtle differences. The UK side has less head room, less bass and a bit more mids. It' not very V*X sounding because of the 6L6 power section but it leans more that direction. Some of the best tones in the pack come from the internal jumper with lets you run two channels together. The amps shared phase inverter gets hit pretty hard when both channels are running into it so the combined sound overdrives fast and is very dynamics to the players picking.

Too Stone TS1

If you are looking for the classic D style cleans and smooth mid range heavy break-up, look no further the Tone Junkie Too Stone TS1 Profile Pack is for you. We have captured this absolutely beautiful sounding amp in tons of possible combinations using the Rock/Jazz, Bright On/Off, Mid On/Off on Channels 1 and 2. We have had our hands on some seriously incredible amps but this one takes the cake. 31 profiles included in this pack...

JM Overdrive 100

The JM Overdrive 100 Kemper Profile pack seeks to recreate the sound of John's signature amp. It is a wonderfully punchy and percussive sound which at times hints towards a D type sound but offers a flavor of drive and compression very much unique to itself. Players will enjoy several flavors of clean that seem to react with a feel and compression of a much more driven amp along, along with the tightest and clearest bottom end we have ever encountered in an amplifier. 

The Match C30 Profile Pack from Tone Junkie capture the sound of a modern boutique classic. Offering profiles from both the 12ax7 and EF86 side. The Match C30 pack delivers all the refined top end and signature chime from these never matched amps along with a more mid range rock tone from the EF86 side. 46 Profiles in a Pack that is sure to become a Tone Junkie classic!

The Match 30/15 Kemper Profile Pack captures all the sounds from an early Tone Junkie favorite and gives you everything in between. We previously released 3 profiles of this pack in our "Profile Pack #1" but after numerous requests we decided to give you everything this boutique monster has to offer. The Match 30/15 combines a Lighting front end with a modified tone stack and a beefed up output section. Combined with some of our favorite effects and 3 speaker configurations, there are profiles that will work with any guitar or pick up combination.


The 69 Vibe Rolex Pack from Tone Junkie seeks to capture the sound of an all original 69 F***** V**rolux amp. With all original tunes, pots and speakers this 2x10 vintage amplifier has that classic american clean sound but with a deep yet tight bass response and smoother highs than many of its 1x12 and 2x12 cousins. Producers now how wonderfully these record and how well they pair in a mix with similar amps using 12 inch speakers. 

The ACE 30/6 Pack from Tone Junkie feature 73 of the most amp like profiles ever captured for the Kemper. We've profiles this 6 input UK made VOX on the Normal Channel, Brilliant Channel and both channels combined first with Greenbacks then with Blues. From clean to scream and everything in between, on it's own and pushed by some of our favorite drive pedals. If a vox can make the sound, we have it in this pack!

Dual Pack #2!

The Dual Amp #2 Pack from Tone Junkie captures the sound of some of the most iconic amp pairings heard on Sunday Mornings and Friday nights. If you have every wished the ACE 30 pack has a bit more oomph in the low end check out the AC30 Beauty profile set. If you are looking for American and British high end competing for your attention check out the ACE30 Rolex set. And of course how about the signature amp pairings and signature settings from some of the P&W Elite. Check out the "Pope" and "Hills Sig" profiles in the Ace Sonic and Hills profile sets respectively. 45 profiles, including boosts and ODs.

The 65 Lowman pack seeks to capture the sound of the iconic amplifier that started it all. We profiled an all original 1965 F****** B****** with NOS RCA tubes. This is the amp that inspired the design's of Jim Marshall. We've given you 36 profiles from clean to edge of break up to full on rock! Pushed with some of the the guitar world's iconic pedals, we have captured the Lowman's signature tones along with some usable stomp box favorites.

The 65 Princess Pack captures the tone of this very colorful example of a classic mid 60's American design. This pack captures those classic snappy American cleans and early breakup that made this circuit a favorite for blues, rock, indie, pop and everything in between. Profiles thru a 12 inch scumback this profile pack is comprised of essential snappy F***** Style cleans that every Kemper player should keep in their arsenal.

Beauty Pack!

The Beauty Pack captures the sound of the Suhr Bella. We previously offered 5 profiles of this amp in Pack #1 but after the response are releasing an entire pack devoted to this amp. The Pack includes 27 Profiles with bright switch on and off, all OD setting are profiled with and without a KLONE boost and several other stomp box  favorites including...

The Official Tone Junkie Pack 2 features 55 profiles seeking to capture the sounds of some truly amazing amplifiers. Pack 2 offers beautiful full bodied American clean tones, tweed crunch, British chime, plexi grind and everything in between. 

The Official Tone Junkie Bend Sun Profile Pack seeks to capture the sounds of some of the best boutique amps coming out of Portland, Oregon. These amps are being heard around the country by artists like Ryan Adams, and Michael Pope of Bethel. Kemper users can now enjoy even more tonal bliss with these beautiful sounding clean, pushed, edge of breakup and overdriven amps captured in 32 profiles.

Dual Amp Pack

The Dual Amp Kemper Profile Pack combines the sounds of some of our favorite amps. We've paired these amps together for their complimentary voices, giving you wide, full sounding profiles that feel like your plugged into two amps at once!

The Official Tone Junkie Profile Pack #1 features 27 of the best commercially available profiles. All profiles were captured in a professional recording studio in Nashville, Tn using a Cascade FatHead II and an SM57 blended together. 

Sign up for our email list and receive our free profile sampler pack. This pack currently feature 12 incredible profiles from Profile Pack #1, Pack #2 and the "Bend Sun" collections. If your on the fence this is a great way to see what all the fuss is about and why Tone Junkie Profiles are being called some of the best around!

Pack #3

The Official Tone Junkie Pack #3 contains 53 incredibly accurately captured profiles. This pack is full of chime and grind, cleans and it can get very mean. 6 amps were profiled in Profiled in Pack 3 making it one of the most versatile packs we have ever offered.
Pack 3 includes...
"Match Lighting", "Bad Kitty Panther", "Nigel 30", "Tall Weeds Myth Dallas", "Immix Elevin", "Tangerine Rocker"