Stu G's 62 AC Kemper Profile Pack

Stu G's 62 AC Kemper Profile Pack


“The best profiles we have ever made!”

The “Stu G 62 AC30 Kemper Profile Pack” seeks to capture the sound of maybe the best sounding amp I have personally encountered. This 62 pre top boost original AC with two original blues is the tone I have been chasing in my head. Grab a gretsch and it sounds like the Beatles or the Kinks, grab a Strat and prepare to hear the bell like tone of your dreams, grab a Tele and it’s early rock and roll! There are lots of great amps out there with lots of great tones. Everyone has different tastes, but in my humble opinion…These are the best profiles we have ever made!

We’ve captured both channels, brilliant and normal and jumpered them together. We have thrown in several profiles of Stu’s 90’s Vox that we has used on the road on multiple recording and we have even included dual profiles of Stu’s 1976 Park and this 62 AC together with and without Stu’s favorite drives. PLUS!!! We asked Stu to dial in 4 performances capturing the tones and effects from the songs, “Majesty”, “Surrounded”, “Miracles” and “Reckless Love”.

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