Match Indie Kemper Profile Pack

Match Indie Kemper Profile Pack


The Match Indie Kemper Profile pack seeks to capture the sound of an EL34 3 channel amp known for it’s signature “Million Dollar” High end, beautiful cleans and rich harmonic breakup. This pack is unique from other “Match” packs in that the third channel contains far more gain than any others and channel 1 has a much more low gain feel. This results in profiles that are clean but when pushed they resemble something like a cleaner amp pushed hard. Channel 2 is the most typical at low settings but when pushed these profiles give up a roaring EL34 growl in the medium, gain range with tons of saturation. Very Rock and Roll!! Channel 3 is “High” gain great for leads profiles with lower gain on this channel still retain a classic vibe.

We given you 3 speaker compliments. “H” denotes the Match modified Celestion H30. “M” denotes the Match Modified Celestion M25. and “HM” both speaker blended together. These speaker compliments are especially useful for players who play multiple guitars to find the pairing that fit the best.

36 Total Profiles (27 Studio and 9 Direct)

H - H30 speaker
M - Modified M25 Speaker
HM - Both H30 and M25 Speaker

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