HX/Helix Free Pack!!


Tone Junkie Tone for the HX/Helix Family!!

Thanks so much for checking out the New Tone Junkie HX/Helix Free Pack! Helix stuff is on the way but for now please enjoy 3 HX Stomp presets with a new Custom Tone Junkie IR.

The Presets…

For the pedal guys: “TJ AC NRM Pedals” - This is for the guys (or gals) who want to slam the front of the stomp with a compressor and some dirt boxes! We have used the Tone Junkie Free Greenback IR to built an under gained pedal platform around the AC Fawn NRM model. Using snapshots we’ve given you three levels of wetness using the Dual Delay and Glitz engine. It goes from “Subtle Wet” to “Big Guitar” to “Sell your Big Sky”!! Your pedal board provides the dirt and the Stomp does the rest!

For the all in one guys: “TJ AC Fawn BRT” and “TJ AC Fawn NRM” are two different flavors of the AC 30 sound built on the “TJ Free Greenback IR”. We built the snapshots to let you use the HX Stomp as an all in one unit or with just a boost. Bouncing between snapshots you will notice 15+ parameters or so moving around to give you three levels of dirt that sound how they should!

Custom Match EQ - What is it? Well after we started making our Tone Junkie IRs we realized some of the amp models still didn’t sound how we wanted them to…so…we are using EQ matching software to compare these HX/Helix presets to our favorite examples of the real amps. So don’t be surprised if you see some interesting EQs in the presets.

IRs - The TJ Greenback Free R121 57 sounds bit brighter and with less deep bass than you might find in other IRs. That’s because too much bass in the mix gets muddy. You won’t need to apply low cuts and we like the high end but depending on the guitar you may shelve some highs. We like our cabs to have plenty of “air.”