Grizz Custom 30 Kemper Profile Pack

Grizz Custom 30 Kemper Profile Pack


The Grizz Custom 30 Kemper profile pack seeks to capture the sound of a very unique and harmonically rich circuit powered by 4 EL84s. Borrowing from several vintage circuits to achieve a tone, this circuit employs a numbers of switches and controls that make is a versatile tool for studio and live players alike. Usually amps can be best described as “marshally” or Voxy” but these profiles from the Grizz Custom 30 Kemper profile Pack will show that this circuit is an animal all its own.

Profiles labeled “B” employ the bright switch, but profiles labeled “N” employ the normal switch. This is a unique because non “N” profiles are captured in the amps “Boosted” mode which internally alters the voltage and significantly changes the response and feel. We’ve captured the signature settings you would expect from this amp in bright and non bright modes and included the amp in normal mode both bright and non bright for a total of 25 profiles. (20 studio and 5 Direct)

N - Normal mode
B - Bright switch

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