Match CH1 Helix

The Match Ch1 Helix Preset Pack from Tone Junkie is designed around Preset/Snap mode. The 4 Snap shots on the bottom row give you 4 levels of gain from Clean to Lead. We’ve programed in a “wet” switch to toggle between two levels of wetness and added an additional “Ambient Pad”…

Match CH1 HX

The Match CH1 HX Stomp Preset Pack from Tone Junkie, features a Sunday morning style ambient delay and verb sitting behind a Timmy style Drive and Optical Trem for Leads and texture which are foot switchable in stomp mode.

J45 NRM Helix

The J45 NRM Helix Preset +IR from Tone Junkie captures that classic British tone in several shades. We’ve built this preset in Preset/Snap mode to give you 4 levels of gain with vintage style delays and verbs. We’ve included an Boost for each gain level giving you a usable and dialed in lead boost to compliment each gain level along with a foot switchable dual delay and an “Ambient” effect which adds stereo reverbs into for a huge ambient show gaze type sound…


The J45 NRM HX Stomp Preset + IR from Tone Junkie captures the classic British tone from one of Jim Marshall earliest creations. We’ve dialed in some vintage sounding verb Tank reverb and some a EP style delay, and in stomp mode given you two foot switchable gain pedals, the Timmy style drive to push into Marshall crunch and a 808 style drive set to act as a boost in clean or Timmy engaged settings. Strats will love this preset!