62 Deluxe Kemper Profile Pack

62 Deluxe Kemper Profile Pack

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The 62 Deluxe Kemper Profile Pack seeks to capture the tone of a 1962 Brownface Deluxe Amp from Fullerton, California. The brown face deluxe shared some similarities to it's blackface deluxe reverb cousin but this amp has a bit less extended presence and more growl form the lower mids when pushed. These brown face deluxe circuits even seem to take on an almost British character when overdriven and are the sound of countless early rock and roll act. It is equally at home with warm American Cleans and full out Rock Crunch.

32 Profiles (27 Studio and 5 Direct)


B - Bright Channel

N - Normal Channel

+ - Klon Centaur

B - Blue side of Browne Protein Drive

G - Green Side of Browne Protein Drive

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