Royals Kemper Profile Pack

Royals Kemper Profile Pack

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The Royals Kemper Profile Pack Seeks to capture the sound of a Tone King Royalist 15. These profiles deliver Marshall informed tones that seem far more refined and boutique bluesbreaker but with a bit of Vox chime built in. We’ve captured this circuit at a bright EQ setting and a Normal EQ setting. With each of the Normal EQ profiles we also boosted the amp with 3 operate boosts. The ODR, KLONE, and mid EQ decibel boost. Check out the Demo, there are a range of tones from beautiful bright chimey cleans to raging rocking marshall!

32 Profile (26 Studio + 6 Direct)

B - Bright
N - Normal
ODR - Green side of Protein Drive
Boost - Green Boost of Broken Arrow

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