Upgrade your Profile Game!

Hey Friends,

HW here! Super excited about the new Kemper Cab Packs we just put out. These pair perfectly with out Direct and Studio profiles! It’s a new way to enjoy Tone Junkie profiles by adding the flavor of a new cab to any of them! Plus The Everything Pack now includes these Kemper Cab Packs so why not let some folks upgrade!

If you are a past costumer of single packs or the everything pack fill out the form below and I am happy to get you an incredible deal on upgrading to the current everything pack and getting anything you are missing. Give me about 24 hours, but I’m usually much faster 2-3 hours when I’m not asleep and I can get you a custom code to upgrade and get access to the every Tone Junkie release so far!
Please note that the “Stu G 76 Park” is not included in the Everything Pack. We just can’t afford to pay the artists at the prices we offer for the upgrades.

Thanks so much for your continued support of Tone Junkie,

Fill out the form below, whether you've purchased an earlier version of the Everything Pack or just single packs we can upgrade you to the current everything pack at a price that makes sense for you!

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