Tweed Deluxe Kemper Profile Pack

Tweed Deluxe Kemper Profile Pack

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The Tweed Deluxe Kemper Profile Pack seeks to capture the sound of an old 50's 5e3 Tweed Deluxe captured thru a vintage Jensen speaker. The Tweed Deluxe Pack profiles contain the signature tweedy mid push and compression that has made this circuit legendary with Guitar players for decades. Bold cleans and barky mid-range make these profiles cut the mix. Lead players will especially love the compression and midrange in these profiles that combined will make even thinner or bright pickups sound thick and punchy!

The pack contains profiles of the Bright channel "B", Normal channel "N", and both channels jumped together "J". Each one captured across 5 profiles with additional profiles using a KLONE to push the amp "+".


B - Bright Channel

N - Normal Channel

J - Jumpered Channel


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