Stu G's Park Kemper Profile Pack

Stu G's Park Kemper Profile Pack


The Stu G’s Park Kemper Profile Pack seeks to captures the sound of the original 1976 Park 212 Reverb used by Stu G on tons of recordings with Delirious and countless recording projects. This pack contains profiles of channel 1, channel 2 and the channels linked together. We’ve also included Dual Profiles of the Park and a 73 JMP 50… The “Farewell” Delirious rig. Plus we have dialed in a bunch of effects from Stu’s pedalboard and included performances of 3 Delirious songs and some of our favorite effects that we have ever put out!

D? Farewell: Dual Profile of 76 Park and 73 JMP 50
F Drive: Fulltone Fulldrive
F Drive Boost: Boost side of the Fulldrive
Kilt G1: Kilt G1 setting
Rock Box: Box of Rock
Roose: 3P Roosevelt Drive
Farewell FX: Extra FX we threw in

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