JM Proto 1 Kemper Profile Pack

JM Proto 1 Kemper Profile Pack


This one is special!!! Owned and used by the man himself. Played live with the Trio and seen on several TV appearances before the production models came out. We have captured 21 studio profiles including John’s settings marked on the amp. Plus we captured profiles with the mid switch on/off, bright on/off and put some pedals that have shown up on John’s board over the years including a KLONE, Original Marshall Bluesbreaker 1a, and a Sparkle Drive. We’ve captured this amp across it’s gain stages in all sorts of configurations. This is that tone! Percussive and strong yet beautiful and articulate with a deep bass.

But it’s not a one trick pony!! We’ve put these profiles in the hands of players of all genre’s and we are seeing people use these profiles for Rock, Blues, Jazz, R&B, and even P&W!!!

Sig - Signature setting marked on the amp
B - Bright switch on
M - Mid switch on
Sparkle - Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive
Breaker - Original Marshall BluesBreaker 1a

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