Tweed Twin Kemper Profile Pack

Tweed Twin Kemper Profile Pack


The Tweed Twin captures the tone of the 40 Watt 2x6L6 powered “Low” powered Tweed Twin. From warm full cleans or punchy brightness from the Normal and Bright channels all the way up to roaring tweedy mids that sounds somewhere between a Dragon breathing fire and a 5e3 on steroids about to blow up! This amp has been played by a bunch of Blues, Heavy Blues, Classic Rock and Rock guitar players like…Joe B. and Eric C. most notably!
Compared to the Tweed Lowman Profile Pack you can expect a familiar tweed breakup and midrange but with a bit more headroom up front and much more swirling full low end. It feels more like a Twin, it’s got more muscle.

37 Beautifully Captured Profiles, 32 Studio and 12 Direct profiles of the Normal and Bright channels.


B - Bright

N - Normal
Black - Blackbox
TS - TS-mini
Giggity - Voodoo labs Giggity
ODR1 - Nobels ODR1
Tmmy - Timmy Overdrive
Bolt - JHS Super Bolt

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