Tone Mister Kemper Profile Pack

Tone Mister Kemper Profile Pack


The Tone Mister Kemper Profile Pack from Tone Junkie captures the tones from the 100 watt 6L6 tube amp known for it’s surprises under the hood. This circuit designed by Bruce Z was designed to look like a F**** and deliver the classic American cleans you would expect but it also does so much more. Channel A (denoted in Profiles as “A”) is the more classic of the two channels capable of F style cleans ranging up to Classic Rock tones. Channel B picks up where that leaves off and while I won’t call it modern sounding I would say it’s about as modern sounding as a 90’s boutique amp or a Marshall Jubilee, not quite vintage sounding but definitely not modern. Additionally both channels have a FAT switch which dramatically fattens the tone and pushes the gain slightly. (denoted as “FAT” in profiles. Plus, we are giving you two different speaker choices! V30s and M75s!!

45+ Studio profiles capturing the tones of this modern classic custom shop amp!

Naming Key:
A - Channel A
B - Channel B
FAT - FAT switch on
V30 - Celestion Vintage 30 speaker

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