The Sooze's TS19 Kemper Profile Pack

The Sooze's TS19 Kemper Profile Pack


The Sooze TS19 Kemper Pack captured the tone of an amp made specifically for our very own “Sooze”. It is a unique combination of a Black Face Deluxe preamp section going into a Tweed style 6l6 power amp. This gives the Sooze’s TS19 Kemper Profiles clean BF style headroom at cleaner settings but full punchy breakup at higher settings as the 6L6’s break up. Since this is a one channel amp with a fairly simple design we have added in 3 speaker choices, Scumback M75s (Creamback), Celestion G12 H30 and Celestion Golds.

We also asked the Sooze to dial in a Go To performance using these profiles and even included the performance profiles marked “P” so you can use them in browser mode as well as performance mode.

M75 - Scumback M75s
H30 - Celestion G12 H30s
Gold - Celestion Golds
AT - JHS Andy Timmons
Skreeler - Keeley setting JHS Bonzai

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