Stu G's Arshall Kemper Profile Pack

Stu G's Arshall Kemper Profile Pack


This is Stu G's Arshall...The "M" fell off while on tour some years ago but the tone from this classic circuit is timeless. This Bluesbreaker combo paired with a beautifully broken in set of green backs is a classic representation of the the very best British amp makers. Compared to Stu's Park the Arshall is more squishy, a little less bright and somehow more vintage sounding.

3 sets of profiles in form this circuit, the Brighter channel 1 which is chimer and present will become a favorite for Sunday mornings, Channel 2, the darker channel is Full and Warm and will pair beautifully with the brightest of guitars. We have also included profiles of the channels Jumpered which will give you all the huge warm classic *Arshall Rock tones for Friday nights!

And let's not forget about the Dual Profiles! We profiles this amp along with Stu G's Tremoverb to make the "Trem-o-Arshall" profiles with some of Stu's drive pedals!

Stu has dialed in 3 stellar performances, full of effects you are going to want to steal for your own performances, from his time in Delirious. These include "Deeper", "God's Romance", and "Miracle Maker".

The Sooze has been using these profiles for while and has dialed in a Sunday morning Worship Template using these profiles. He has been loving them with his Tele especially. Check out performance he built if you are a Sunday morning player.

19 Studio profiles with 5 Directs and 4 performances built around them.

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