Perk P75 Kemper Profile Pack

Perk P75 Kemper Profile Pack


The Perk 75 seeks to capture the tone of a classic 4 input British amp design running KT88s for a unique flavor. This profile pack features profiles of channel 1, channel 2, the Two channels jumped together and the "S" profiles which feature channel 2 but because of the 1960's style 4 input design channel 1's volume control is used to effect the bias of the front tube in channel 2 resulting in additional "chirp". This is a little known secret of early 60's designs and was eliminated in later 70's amplifiers.

The KT88 tone in these profiles will feel familiar for players of British style Plexi amps but offer a different character of breakup almost reminiscent of a JTM45 but with more mids and girth.

This pack contains 39 total profiles (34 studio and 5 direct)


1 - Channel 1

2 - Channel 2

J - Channels jumped

S - Shared cathode bias

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