Official Tone Junkie Profile Pack #3

Official Tone Junkie Profile Pack #3


The Official Tone Junkie Pack #3 contains 53 incredibly accurately captured profiles. This pack is full of chime and grind, cleans and it can get very mean. 6 amps were profiled in Profiled in Pack 3 making it one of the most versatile packs we have ever offered.

Pack 3 includes...

"Match Lighting" - profile set seeks to capture the sound of a boutique 15 watt amp with a refined high end that references the old vox sound but with a sort of million dollar style. Bright without the ear fatigue.

"Bad Kitty Panther" - this profile set seeks to capture the sound of ...guess for yourself. It's lovely example of clean and dirty profiles from a boutique manufacturer and similar to the "Match Lighting" set these profiles just sound expensive! 2 channels were profiles with several examples from each.

"Nigel 30" - this profile set seeks to capture the sounds heard across those anthemic worship records coming out of Australia. The bright chime and thin low end character of these profiles helps push an over driven guitar into a pocket in the mix separate from the pads and keyboard while still allowing loads of reverb and delay to create an ambient tone that doesn't get lost in the mix.

"Tall Weeds Myth Dallas" - 3 profiles of this underrated gem of an amp. It has a beautiful OD voice and at times brings out a texas SRV type flavor but unlike the Super Reverb Stevie used, this amp seemlessly churches and ads midrange. A very classy sounding amp!

"Immix Elevin" - This little known and talked about amp has found it's way onto stages with some big names like "Switchfoot." Channel 1 is a bit vox inspired without the top boost and gets a raspy sort of quality when pushed which is rather unique. Channel 2 is a great tight rock sound that fits like a glove in alt rock settings or just about anything. It's not too modern and not too vintage an sounds like a plethora of recordings. If the company hadn't gone out of business more people would have about this amp.

"Tangerine Rocker" seeks to capture this hard rock favorite. We don't usually profile amps with this much gain but heavier player will enjoy a tight bottom end and an added eq block that is voiced perfectly for this amp. The clean channel is very clean and is begging for some chorus but when pushed gives up the classic rock vibes all day long. 

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