Official Tone Junkie Profile Pack #2

Official Tone Junkie Profile Pack #2


The Official Tone Junkie Pack 2 features 55 profiles seeking to capture the sounds of some truly amazing amplifiers. Pack 2 offers beautiful full bodied American clean tones, tweed crunch, British chime, plexi grind and everything in between.  Pack 1 features...

Fullerton B Breaker seeks to capture the sound of this 2x12 tweed monster. The front end is modeled after hi powered tweed twin with the power section brought down to 40 watts. Cleans are bold and full bodied, crunch vintage and chewy.

T Lore JT-14 profiles this boutique 6v6 1x12 amp seeking to capture a tone fit for a Prince but with the addition of a midrange control and a fat switch these low wattage can go places a vintage spec could not.

Sir Beaver seeks to capture the sound of this boutique el-34 modern classic. These tones are classic plexi tone, little wing to eruption. Kuddos to you if you can keep from playing your favorite classic rock riffs.

Butter SD18 seeks to capture the tone of this el84 boutique classic. We've profiles the rhythm channel with and without the pull bright, and the lead channel. This amp does a nice variation of modern chime, with the pull bright it reaches into American territory and the lead channel is tight and can venture into modern rock.

HW Fawn seeks to recreate the sound of those classic chimer british EL-84 amps that fueled the british invasion. Here you get flavors Normal, Bright and Jumpered tones. These are totally Ace! P&W guys will dig this!

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