Match Spit Kemper Profile Pack

Match Spit Kemper Profile Pack


Match Spit Kemper Profile Pack captures the tone of the 15 watt circuit known for it’s punch, clarity and of course it’s “unMatched” high end chime and presence. The Match Spit profiles perfectly translate bridge tones into bright yet never harsh clarity coupled with a healthy low end and midrange from the 15 watt power section. Perfect for Classic Rock, P&W, Modern Country and Blues, The Match Spit Kemper Profile Pack from Tone Junkie might be our favorite Match Pack we have released so far.

We’ve profiled this circuit thru it’s matching 2x12 cabinet with complimentary speakers. “M” profiles the M25 Match Modified Greenback style speaker. “H” profiles use H30 Match Modified 30 watt speaker and “HM” profiles use both speakers blended together with Cascade Fat Head 2 and SM57 Microphones and neve style pres. “D” profiles are captured with a direct box and capture the direct sound from he amp head only. These are meant to be used with powered Kempers into traditional guitar cabs or designed to be paired with Kemper Cab like those available in our Tone Junkie Kemper Cab Packs.

18 Studio profiles and 6 Direct Profiles included

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