Match Avenge Kemper Profile Pack

Match Avenge Kemper Profile Pack


The Match Avenge Kemper profile pack seeks to capture a unique combo amp featuring the Chief preamp running into a C30 el84 Power section. This pack is especially unique because of the multiple speaker and EQ choices across the pack. Traditional Match style tones can be found in profiles marked “H” and “M” (H30 and M25 speakers). Here you will find pushed thick mids perfect for overdrive and rock and as you would expect that signature million dollar top end.

Profiles with out any letter marks and profiles marked “P” feature a pair of Jensen P10 speakers on their own or mixed with an H30. These Alnico 10s provide a more American style presence and extended high end. At clean and overdriven setting this provides the Match Avenge Pack with some unique options to add an extended high end to their tone.

We also included some “S” profiles which signify the H30 speaker but with a scooped EQ deigned to turn help thicker sounding guitars sound like a chimey single coil. Plus we’ve thrown in 5 or so profiles with out favorite drives thrown in and 4 directs.

H - H30 Speaker
M - M25 Speaker
P - P10 Speaker
KOT - King of Tone
BA Green - Broken _______ Green mode
BB - Bluesbreaker side of the Protein Drive
ODR-1 - ODR-1 side of the Protein Drive

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