M Dual 20 Kemper Profiles Pack

M Dual 20 Kemper Profiles Pack


The M Dual 20 Kemper Profile Pack from Tone Junkie seeks to capture the sound of a boutique AC15 style circuit with some classic appointments and some unique features. Unique to this pack are the addition of American style Bright switch profiles which much needed high end to the otherwise darker sounding EF86 and allows for a British+American type sound. You will hear some classic chime but since this pack includes a Match cab with M and H style speakers you will notice the warmth of the M style modified greenback speaker with the tighter low end of the H30. Additionally matched up with rig with some different microphones and a different mic technique designed to give a bit more “space” and bounce to the tone. You will notice a bit of an '“alive” vibe like there is a little room thrown in. If 3D chime and is what you are after…this is it!!

22 Studio Profiles

EF86 - EF86 preamp tube
B - American style bright switch

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