M Abbey Kemper Profile Pack

M Abbey Kemper Profile Pack


The M Abbey Kemper Profile Pack from Tone Junkie captures the tone of the classic Top Boost British amps from the 1960’s. Made famous by so many classic recordings from acts including the Beatles, Tom Petty, and countless other iconic acts, this circuit gives up the Voxy goods in this chime-tastic top boosted flavor!

40+ profiles capturing 2 sets of speakers including Celestion Alnico Golds and Scumback m75. We’ve also added in a bunch of our new favorite overdrives!

B - Bright Channel
N - Normal Channel
G - Celestion Golds
Protein B - Blue side Protein Drive
Protein G - Green side Protein Drive
KOT - King of Tone
BA - A particularly awesome overdrive we won’t mention by name (wink)

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