Loanster Kemper Profile Pack

Loanster Kemper Profile Pack

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The Loanster Profile Pack seeks to capture the sounds of the Lonestar state, but ends up being capable of so much more! These are arguably the best cleans to come from one particular southern california boutique amp maker and the drive channel is flexible. The two channels are nearly identical but channel 2 has the option of adding an addition gain stage or “Drive” in front of the channel. These two cascading gain stages make for world of possibilities so we’ve profiled them in all sorts of combinations. You’ll notice that running the first stage dirtier and the second stage cleaner is closer to an 80s rock or high gain amp tone where running the first stage clean and the second dirty is closer to turning up a low wattage vintage amp. Profiles of channel 2 in this pack are labeled “DR_ G_” This indicated the position of the drive and gain knobs on the amp.

There is a ton of tone in this pack, from high headroom American cleans, some low midrange tweed flavors and all sorts of variation from those two cascading gain stages. 36 Profiles (19 direct and 17 studio) Enjoy!

T - Tweed mode
DR - Drive knob position on channel 2
G - Gain knob position on channel 2

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