JM Overdrive 100 Kemper Profile Pack

JM Overdrive 100 Kemper Profile Pack


The JM Overdrive 100 Kemper Profile pack seeks to recreate the sound of John's signature amp. It is a wonderfully punchy and percussive sound which at times hints towards a D type sound but offers a flavor of drive and compression very much unique to itself. Players will enjoy several flavors of clean that seem to react with a feel and compression of a much more driven amp along, along with the tightest and clearest bottom end we have ever encountered in an amplifier. 

All profiles were captures thru a 2x12 cabinet loaded with G12-65 Heritage speakers.

Naming Scheme:
B means Bright switch on
NB means No Bright
+ means a KLONE pedal was pushing the amp
BB1 is an original Marshall Bluesbreaker V1a
Sparkle Drive means a Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive was pushing the amp

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