Edgey Tweed Kemper Profile Pack

Edgey Tweed Kemper Profile Pack


The Edge Tweed Pack from Tone Junkie seeks to capture the sound of the classic Tweed deluxe 5e3 circuit with some special modifications and the addition of a Celestion blue from the master of the dotted eighth note delay himself! Now "You too" can get all those lower midrange punchy tones from your Kemper! LOL! Seriously though this pack is full of tweed cleans, tons of edge of breakup tones, full on overdrive and all with the signature tweed low midrange. Strats and Teles will sound bright but much fuller and fatter compared to blackface tones. Humbuckers will saturate and sound huge, but because the tweed sound is more lower mids than bass, you will notice it never gets too boomy.

We've profiled (25 studio profile) both the instruments and mic channels, jumped them together and even included some dual profiles with and AC30!! The Dual "Ace 5e3" profiles add high mids and chime to the mix giving you a clarity and sparkle you wouldn't get with the 5e3 circuit alone. Plus we’ve included a performance file dialed in for 5 of our favorite U2 songs including “Beautiful Day”, “Still Haven’t Found”, “Streets Have No Name”, “Until the End of the World” and “With or Without You”.

i - Instrument Channel

m - Microphone Channel

J - Jumpere inputs

Ace 5e3 - Ac30 and Tweed deluxe dual profile

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