Brown Eyed Girl Kemper Profile Pack

Brown Eyed Girl Kemper Profile Pack

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The Brown Eyed Girl Kemper Profile Pack captures the sound of the 3 channel “brown eyed” British flavored amp. Channel 1 is lush Marshall-esque cleans reminiscent of Hendrix. Channel 2 is classic Marshall crunch to hard rock gain that covers just about anything and channel 3 redefines the level of clarity possible with high gain amps. We’ve profiled each channel with several variations including the the Fat switch on/off on all channels, Bright switch on channel 1 and the C45 switch on channel 2 and 3.

In addition the 38 studio profiles, we have included 25 direct profiles for a total 63 profiles.

Naming Key
B - Bright Switch

F - Fat Switch

C - C45 Mode

D - Direct profile (Amp only, No cabinet)

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