Bad Kitty Stellar Kemper Profile Pack

Bad Kitty Stellar Kemper Profile Pack


The Bad Kitty Stellar Kemper profile pack captures the tones of the EF86/EL34 signature amp of “The Duke of Tone!” In a nutshell, this is the P&W rock amp! It’s as if Rock n Roll put on it’s Sunday best! The EF86 allows for enough clean headroom on “T” profiles to get sparkling bright cleans but overall, the EF86 provides a midrange crunch with a boutique million dollar high end that makes for amazing pushed midrangey crunch tones but with a super refined chimey top end. 43 beautifully captured profiles using our favorite Scumback M75 (Creamback) and Celestion Blues plus 5 direct profiles.

T - Using 5 position rotary tone knob, First number is the rotary knob position.
X - Profiles with Celestion Blue speakers

D - Direct profiles of amplifier only, no cabinet.

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