Bad Kitty Luke Kemper Profile Pack

Bad Kitty Luke Kemper Profile Pack


The Bad Kitty Luke Pack seeks to capture the sound of an amp that is best described as the biggest AC30 you’ve ever heard. Upgrading from EL84s to EL34s give these profiles a more open and less compressed feel while still maintaining a familiar British sound. We’ve captured both channels across 38 profiles (32 studio and 6 direct) Channel one utilizes the 5 position rotary tone switch (denoted with “T) in the profile name. This channel gives you a plethora of sounds with varying levels of midrange and brightness and can take your guitar from more clean and bright to thick and wooly.
The other channel of this amp utilizes traditional bass and treble controls. This channel feels most like a AC30 on steroids and can provide high powered british cleans to all out raging break up while staying more controlled and tighter in the bass than a vintage circuit would.

X - Blues (Ox Box)
D - Direct

T - Rotary Tone Knob

As a bonus we have included 2 versions of a Kemper performance patch that we have dialed in to capture some of the tones similar to “JC”, the popular P&W band out of Northern California. The first version was dialed in with a Gretsch Sparkle Jet and another version has the gain slightly lowered to accommodate moderate output pickups. We’ve labeled this performance “Suhr T” because we used a Suhr T with Thornbucker pickups to dial in version 2 of this performance.

Even if you aren’t a fan of P&W music, these performances have some great effects settings inside, complete with morphing and programmed stomp buttons.

The performance patch includes tones from the songs
”Father of Lights”
”Holy Spirit”
”Your Love Never Fails”

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