Bad Kitty Jude

Bad Kitty Jude

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The Bad Kitty Jude Pack seeks to capture the sound of unique that combines two boutique british inspires preamp channels with a 6v6 power section. Channel 1 uses a 12ax7 to get chime and a bit more headroom while channel two uses an EF86 and a rotary tone switch (Profiles labeled “T”) for more break up and midrange. Most commonly an amp like this would be built with EL84s, but the 6V6 power tubes give this pack it’s signature high end sparkle reminiscent of driven vintage american style amps. From this pack you can expect a familiar Voxy style front end with a sparkle high end that has a unique snap!

This Pack includes Studio and Direct Profiles of both channels. There are 2 sets of studio profiles, one with scum back m75 which are similar to a “creamback” and all profiles denoted with “X” were created using an OX box set up with Blues.

X - Blues (Ox Box)
D - Direct
T - Tone switch/ Rotary tone switch from channel 2

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