ACE 30/6 AMP Pack

ACE 30/6 AMP Pack

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The ACE 30/6 Pack from Tone Junkie features 73 of the most amp like profiles ever captured for the Kemper. We've profiles this 6 input UK made VOX on the Normal Channel, Brilliant Channel and both channels combined first with Greenbacks then with Blues. From clean to scream and everything in between, on it's own and pushed by some of our favorite drive pedals. If a vox can make the sound, we have it in this pack. Enjoy

ACE 30 = Greenbacks
ACE 30X = Blues

B = Brilliant Channel
N = Normal channel
J = Jumpered (Both)

KOT OD = King of Tone overdrive mode
KOT D = King of Tone distortion mode


BB = Original Marshall Bluesbreaker Version 1A
TS = Tube screamer

OCD = Fulltone OCD

Timmy = Timmy :)


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