69 Silver Lowman Kemper Profile Pack

69 Silver Lowman Kemper Profile Pack

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The 69 Silver Lowman Kemper Profile Pack seeks to capture the tone of the late 60’s drip edge Fender Bassman head. This pack contains classic American clean tones to grunt classic rock tones captured with both the bright switch on and off. In addition to being an excellent workhorse amp, it is an incredible pedal platform so we have included many of our favorite drive pedals including the KOT, ODR1, KLONE and multiple setting of the Revival Drive. These pedals give these profiles an incredible range of tones. Including the British and Beano profiles turning this circuit into a Marshall like fire breather!

29 profiles (25 studio and 4 directs)

KOT OD - King of Tone overdrive mode
KOT Dist - King of Tone distortion mode
ODR - Green ODR side of Brown Protein
N - Non bright switch
B - Bright switch

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