62 Prince-Tone Kemper Profile Pack

62 Prince-Tone Kemper Profile Pack


The 62 Prince-Tone Kemper Profile Pack seeks to capture of the most sought after and magical circuits ever produced, the 60-63 Fender 6G2 Princeton. Falling somewhere between a tweed and blackface, many feel the tone is somewhat similar to a 5e3, but with it’s 10 inch speaker and split phase inverter this circuit a flavor all it’s own. The 62 Prince-Tone Kemper Profile Pack has plenty of snappy chime and twang at cleaner settings and overdriven tones yield snarly, growling breakup. You will feel midrange and breakup similar to a tweed deluxe but with many blackface characteristic and feel.

We’ve captured 27 studio profiles and 5 direct profiles from this little monster if vintage tone. Although the circuit is only a single channel we captured this amp twice with two different setting on the single tone knob. We profiles the amp first with the Tone knob at 4 and then created additional Bright profiles denoted as “B” with the tone knob increased to 7. Think of these profiles as the tone this circuit might have if it had a bright channel. There brighter profiles will pair well with PAFs especially hollow and semi hollow guitars. In addition to capturing this amp with the built in Oxford 10 inch speaker, we’ve also captured this amp thru a 2x12 Gold Cab giving this circuit a unique flavor and increased chime.

B - Bright profiles, Tone knob increased to 7
+ - Silve Klon Centaur
”Prince-Gold” - 2x12 Celestion Gold Cab

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