Tone Junkie Free Pack

The latest version of the Tone Junkie Free Pack includes 60+ profiles from nearly every one of our paid packs. It's not just a sampler, it really is everything you need to get amazing tones out of the Kemper from American blackface clean, tweed crunch to British chime and all out UK Rock! Also included is our entire Goldtone 42 Pack, this two channel amp features a blend of American and British tones thru a 6l6 power section. Plus we have partnered with Josh Myers to bring you Josh's dialed in performance pack. Using Tone Junkie profiles Josh has dialed in some of the most expressive settings every heard on the Kemper that are sure make you pull out your favorite John Mayer or Jimi Hendrix riffs! Sign up to get the Free Pack below!

We are proud to partner with Josh Myers and offer you this performance pack dialed in with Tone Junkie profiles by Josh. You've probably seen his videos and wondered how he is getting that tone! Well a lot of it is in the fingers but the rest is in this free performance created by Josh using Tone Junkie Profiles and available for Free! Sign up below!

The GoldTone 42 Pack captures the tone of the modern GA series from that G brand. The US side of the amp feels like a classic american voiced tube amp with some subtle differences. The UK side has less head room, less bass and a bit more mids. It' not very V*X sounding because of the 6L6 power section but it leans more that direction. Some of the best tones in the pack come from the internal jumper with lets you run two channels together. The amps shared phase inverter gets hit pretty hard when both channels are running into it so the combined sound overdrives fast and is very dynamics to the players picking. Get it for FREE by signing up below!