Check out this "Dirty Verb" performance  utilizing the Modverb trick described on our tips and tricks page. This preset sounds huge in stereo and is really great for moody ambient stuff. This one is pretty unique, you don't often hear dirt reverbs like this one.

"Edge" Profiles

Check out these 2 free profiles from the Tone Junkie ACE30 Pack. Dialed in to "edge" of with plenty of sparkle and chime and some washy rhythmic delay. You too can get these tones for free with these Free Profiles! LOL

Transparent OD Stomp

As explained in our Kemper Tips and Tricks video, a more transparent OD is achievable by pairing an EQ block with a green scream block. Check out how we have dialed in a transparent OD tone for the "65 Lowman profile 2". We have used the EQ remove the Green Screams midrange hump. 

ModVerb #3

This Mod verb setting for the Kemper uses the Kemper Modulated reverb hack, where a modulation effect, in this case Flange is placed in the Kemper's Delay Block and the "Del+Rev Balance" control is set to send only the flangers wet signal to the reverb while the dry signal runs in parallel to the reverb.

ModVerb #2

Here is a really great example of a mod verb using the mod verb hack in the Kemper. This "Vibrato verb" send a the vibrato wet signal only into the reverb block. Check it out!

Modulated Reverb

Modulated Reverbs are possible with the Kemper, the trick is one little parameter called the Delay+Reverb Balance. HW explains how this parameter lets us apply any effect to just the reverb trails!

Reckless Love

What you are hearing is 100% kemper tones and effects. The profile is the "Ace Sonic Pope 2" from Dual Pack #2. This profile was created by recreating the popular Bethel amp combo of a UK made AC30 and a Fender prosonic amp. The settings were taken from amps backstage at a Bethel event. The Morph function fades out the vibrato from the verse and fades in a boost for the chorus. There is also an octave down effect for the single note riff.

Multi Delay + Shimmer Verb Morph

The trick to this type of amp saturation from a delay is to place a delay in front of the amp block in the Kemper. This simulates the sound of a delay pushing the input of a vintage style amp with no effects loop. It's a more "lively" sound. For this perfomance the shimmer verb is engaged using the Kempers morph function and utilizes the "Match C30 EF86 HM2" profile, part of the Match C30 Pack from Tone Junkie.

Ambient Reverb #1

This ambient reverb using two Delays running into the Kemper's Ambient Reverb Algorithm. The first delay is a Single delay with modulation which runs into the second delay, "Quad to verb" delay. Download coming soon.

AMbient Reverb #2

This one is Epic!!! It's ethereal full and lush. If you thought the Kemper couldn't do Big sky type verb, this one is for you.It sits back behind your playing without sounding dark but is so full it covers a full spectrum. Download the ambient reverb #2 preset and the Lowman 30/15 2 profile below.

Shimmer Reverb #1

The "Sooze" shows us a very cool shimmer reverb preset using the "Crystal delay" algorithm in front of the reverb to create a octave shimmer reverb effect. Everything you hear is the built in Kemper effects. Download the Shimmer Reverb #1 effect on the Bend Sun Butterfly US 4 profile below.