TOne Junkie 2019 Season Pass

What is it?

The Tone Junkie Season Pass gets you all the standard Tone Junkie Kemper Profile releases for the rest of 2019! Every Kemper Profile Pack we release*, from March 1st to Dec 31st 2019, will be delivered to your email ahead of it’s official release. We plan to release between 20-30 packs making the price per pack between $10 and $15 per pack. This weekend only and it will probably sell out… We are limiting the number we are selling.
*Unfortunately at this price we cannot include artists packs like the Stu G Collection Packs. We just wouldn’t be able to properly pay the artists and our bills.

Why Should I buy the 2019 Season Pass?

The Tone Junkie Season Pass isn’t for everyone. We’ve received a number of emails from some of our most loyal customers explaining to us that while newer customers can take advantage of Bundles, The Everything Pack and Sale Events etc. Many of our customers who buy every pack or almost every pack when they are released would like a better way to save. If that’s you the Tone Junkie Season Pass is an option to consider.

Is it a Monthly Subscription?

No, the Tone Junkie 2019 Season Pass is not a monthly subscription, it’s a one time fee that gets you all the Kemper Packs we release* (artist packs like the Stu G Collection not included) .

How Much does it Cost?

The 2019 Season Pass is $300. We plan to release between 20-30 Packs that are included making the per Pack price $10-$15 per pack.

How many Season Passes are you Selling?

Not many, probably between 10-15 and it’s available this weekend only.

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Use Code: “SEASONPASS” for get the Season Pass for $300