Stu G's Park Helix Preset + IR

Stu G's Park Helix Preset + IR


The Stu G’s Park Helix Preset is built to replicate the sound of Stu’s favorite and most recorded amp. This 1976 Park 2x12R combo was built by Jim Marshall in 1976. This amp is responsible for so many of Stu’s classic recordings. We’ve actually given you two presets, “ Stu G’s Park” and “Stu G’s Park+” the “+” is built with the amp block having a bit more gain. This represents the way Stu often adjusts the amp to compensate for the different guitars he is using. Typically the “+” presets prepresents how stu uses the amp with a Strat or Tele and the normal version is designed to help keep even a Les Paul somewhat clean. Of course there are no rules and Stu often uses his LP and other hum bucker guitars with the amp turned up a little.

The effects we’ve built in here are directly modeled after Stu’s pedalboard and they contain slightly different effects for the “+'“ and non plus version. Due to DSP limits we were not able to fit every effect Stu uses from his H9s in one preset you will find that between the two versions we’ve changed the effects a bit, you may notice flangers are swapped for choruses and Vibratos may be swapped for terms etc. These are meant to put all of Stu’s effects in your hands. Feel free to copy modulation and delay effects from one presets and copy them into another. Stu is constantly experimenting with his own gear and effects, it’s half the fun of playing the guitar!!!

These presets are built on the “76 Blackback R121+57” IR. We created this IR to capture the original 1976 G12m speakers in the Park 2x12 combo. These are mid 70’s greenback from an era where Celestion utilized black covers instead of green ones.

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