Stu G's Dual Amp HX Stomp Preset + IR

Stu G's Dual Amp HX Stomp Preset + IR


Stu G’s Dual Amp HX Stomp Preset is built around 2 of Stu’s iconic amps his 1976 Park 2x12 combo and his 62 AC. A Dual amp setup has always been the way Stu has built his rigs from his days in Delirious to playing with Michael W Smith. The sound of two amps complimenting each other is part of his sound. Plus it adds an additional depth to the stereo effects.

This preset is built on 2 IRs that capture the 62 AC Blues and 76 Blackbacks from Stu’s amps. The “62 AC Blue R121+57” and the “76 Blackback R121+57” Both captured with a Royer 121 and Shure 57 both running thru Neve style preamps and blended together. Both these IRs are included with the preset.
Addition IRs of these speakers are available in the IR section".

This HX Stomp Patch is built with 2 Amps, 2 IRs and a single stereo Delay and Reverb.

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