Stu G's 62 AC HX Stomp Preset + IR

Stu G's 62 AC HX Stomp Preset + IR


Stu G’s 62 AC HX Stomp preset recreates the sound of a Holy Grail amp! Stu’s all original 1962 pre-top boost AC30 really is the best sounding AC30 we have run into. It’s perfect for those classic beatles and UK invasion tones and equally suited all there P-dub stuff! We’ve actually given you two presets, “ Stu G’s 62 AC” and “Stu G’s 62AC+”. The “+” is built with the amp block having a bit more gain. This represents the way Stu often adjusts the amp to compensate for the different guitars he is using. Typically the “+” presets represents how Stu uses the amp with a Strat or Tele and the normal version is designed to help keep even a Les Paul somewhat clean. Of course there are no rules and Stu often uses his LP and other hum bucker guitars with the amp turned up a little.

The effects we’ve built in here are directly modeled after Stu’s pedalboard. Due to the Stomp’s limitation we have included the Amp, IR, 2 Delays and 2 Reverb modeled after Stu’s H9 units.

These presets are built on the “Stu G’s 62 Blues R121+57” IR. We created this IR to capture the original 1962 Celestion Blue speakers in Stu’s 1962 AC30 combo. These are original 1962 alnico speakers and they really do have something magical about them! The full “62 Blue IR Pack” is available in the IR Section.

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