J45 NRM Helix Preset + IR

J45 NRM Helix Preset + IR


The J45 NRM Helix Preset +IR from Tone Junkie captures that classic British tone in several shades. We’ve built this preset in Preset/Snap mode to give you 4 levels of gain with vintage style delays and verbs and 4 additional effect up top plus more in the preset, which are programmable in other modes or can be switched out in Preset/Snap. We’ve included an Boost for each gain level giving you a usable and dialed in lead boost to compliment each gain level along with a foot switchable dual delay and an “Ambient” effect which adds stereo reverbs into for a huge ambient show gaze type sound.

This preset is built around and includes the “M75 R121 + 57” Impulse response.

Check out the demo below…

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